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Embark on a Poetic Voyage at Shab-e-Ghalib, where chosen verses will weave a captivating symphony during the Rush event.

Boogie Woogie

Step into the spotlight and witness the solo artistry at it peak when the dancers compete for the ultimate title of the solo dance maestro of this year's RUSH.


Flaunt your style, own your moment with confidence and flair. Join us for a classy celebration of individuality where fashion takes center stage – because your style deserves its spotlight!

Band Wagon

Calling musicians of all colleges to plug in your instruments and make a statement. Bring your college band to Rush and show the world that when it comes to rock and roll, there's no one better.


Curtain Call-ing all actors and drama enthusiasts for the opportunity of a lifetime. Captivate an audience with your acting skills and weave compelling narratives. Get selected and leave a mark on the theatrical landscape of our fest, RUSH


More than just a showcase, Imprint is an invitation. A chance to leave your own mark, to connect with the artists' souls, and to discover the hidden artist within yourself.


Immerse in the Cinematic Odyssey, where filmmakers paint emotions on the visual canvas, with selected works to be featured at the RUSH event.


The stage is set for singers to show their vocal prowess. Hit those high notes harmonise to your heart's extent and get ready to set the stage on fire.


Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a beginner with a passion for capturing moments, this is your chance to let your lens tell a story. Clear the first round and get a chance to capture RUSH through your eyes!

Fire-Feet Ensemble

Watch as the teams unleash their rhythm of passion and skill and vye for for the coveted title of the Champions of dance at RUSH.


This is your chance to express your views through colours and brushes. The canvas is a living, breathing entity which you'd use to really make a statement.



Contact Us

contact us

Thank you for considering sponsorship with RUSH 9.0! If you’re interested in participating in our cultural events or have any questions regarding cultural events, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated Cultural Head.

Contact Details:
👤Pratishtha Verma
📧 cultural.committee@iimranchi.ac.in
📞 +91 8979386899

We look forward to the possibility of your participation to make RUSH 9.0 a memorable and successful event.