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Get in on the action of football, where each goal means victory and each game tells a tale of determination, talent, and cooperation. Sign up now to begin your adventure on the pitch of your dreams!


Register to feel the excitement of the gentleman's game! In cricket, each ball is a poem and each wicket is a victory. Come play with us on the field, where teamwork and shared passion for the game bring people together.


Experience the thrill as you spike, set, and serve to victory in the ultimate teamwork and athleticism show. Join us on the court for an exciting experience where every point is a win and every rally is a demonstration of talent and strategy.


Elevate your soccer skills in a fast-paced fusion of finesse and fun at our sports fest! Calling all girls to kick, score, and celebrate the joy of futsal – where teamwork and agility take center stage


Embark on a spirited chase as girls unite for an exhilarating game of Kho Kho at our sports fest! Join the thrill, agility, and camaraderie


Dribble into the heart of competition with basketball showdown! Calling all hoop enthusiasts to register now and soar to new heights as you showcase your skills, teamwork, and slam-dunk your way to glory on the court. Don't miss the chance to be part of the electrifying basketball action!


Empower your throw and spike your way into excitement! Girls, join the dynamic world of throwball at our sports fest – where skill meets strategy, and every powerful throw is a step towards victory


Elevate your game and shuttle into the excitement of badminton showdown! Register now to smash, rally, and soar on the court, where every drop shot and powerful smash is a step closer to victory in this thrilling badminton extravaganza.

Table Tennis

Serve, spin, and smash your way to victory at table tennis championship! Join the fast-paced, precision-driven world of ping pong – where every rally is a thrilling challenge.


Slide into the thrilling world of carrom at Rush! Register now to flick, strike, and pocket your way to victory in a game that combines precision, skill, and friendly competition on the carrom board


Master the art of strategy and outsmart your opponents. Register now to engage in a battle of wits, where every move is a step towards victory in the captivating world of chess.

Shot Put

Step into the throwing circle and experience the intensity of shot put. Watch as athletes use their strength and technique to propel the heavy shot into the air, aiming for impressive distances.


Unleash the thrill of swift connections and exhilarating teamwork! Join our relay extravaganza of 100, 200, 800 Meters.

Discus Throw

With a combination of rotational technique, strength, and focus, com- petitors will release the discus into the air with the goal of achieving im- pressive distances.

Javeline Throw

Marvel at the skill and strength of javelin throwers as they take their po- sitions on the field. With a combination of technique, speed, and raw power, athletes will launch the javelin into the air, vying for impressive distances.



Contact Us

contact us

Thank you for considering participating at RUSH 9.0! If you’re interested in participating in our sports events or have any questions regarding sports events, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated Sports Head.

Contact Details:
👤Leander Felix
📧 sport.committee@iimranchi.ac.in
📞 +91-8310465349

We look forward to the possibility of your participation to make RUSH 9.0 a memorable and successful event.